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Tennessee Polling on Gun Laws

Think Tennesseans are hopelessly divided on guns? Think again.

Recent polling shows significant bi-partisan support for stronger gun laws in Tennessee. It is clear that Tennesseans want to see lawmakers pass legislation to strengthen gun laws.

Vanderbilt University - Spring 2023

Polling conducted by Vanderbilt University in the spring of 2023 included questions about "Red Flag Laws" also known as extreme risk protection orders, or ERPOs. 

Opinions on Red Flag Laws to Prevent School Shootings vs Gun-Related Violence by Party ID

To prevent school shootings:

75%  Total

71%  Non-MAGA Republicans

67%  MAGA Republicans

88%  Democrats

72% I ndependents

To prevent gun-related violence:

72% Total

69% Non-MAGA Republicans

50% MAGA Republicans

93% Democrats

70% Independents

Opinions on Red Flag Laws to Prevent School Shootings vs Gun-Related Violence by NRA Favorability

To prevent school shootings:

75% Total

67% NRA Very Favorable

61% NRA Somewhat Favorable

79% NRA Somewhat Unfavorable

90% NRA Very Unfavorable

To prevent gun-related violence:

72% Total

53% NRA Very Favorable

63% NRA Somewhat Favorable

84% NRA Somewhat Unfavorable

93% NRA Very Unfavorable

Embold Research - April 10-12, 2023
Pollster Embold Research conducted a poll in the spring of 2023 and asked respondents questions on several key issues related to Tennessee gun laws, including support for expanded background checks, safe storage, red flag laws, and lowering the age to carry firearms.

88%   Strongly (76%) or somewhat strongly (12%) support requiring background checks for all gun purchasesOnly 6% strongly oppose

82%   Strongly (63%) or somewhat strongly (19%) support safe storage laws requiring guns be secured in vehicles and boat. Only 8% strongly oppose

70%   Strongly (53%) or somewhat strongly (17%) support red flag laws. Only 17% strongly oppose

70%.  Strongly (55%) or somewhat strongly (15%) oppose dropping Tennessee's legal age to carry a gun from 21 to 18. Only 12% strongly support

Embold also broke down the responses by party ID.

Expand Background Checks

88%  All voters

98%  Democrats

81%  Republicans

Safe Storage Requirements

82%  All voters

96%  Democrats

73%  Republicans

Support Red Flag Laws

71%  All voters

97%  Democrats

53%  Republicans

Support Dropping Age Requirement from 21 to 18

25%  All voters

4%  Democrats

41%  Republicans

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